5 Day Detox Meal Plan

A detox diet improves digestion and solves problems such as constipation, acidity, and more generally intestinal disorders.

In some cases, this food detox will also allow you to lose a few pounds.

So, here in this article let’s know about 5 day detox plan.


What Is Detox Diet?

5 Day Detox

Detoxification is a process of keeping the body healthy and refreshed.

Through this process, the toxins of the body are taken out so that you can get rid of mental stress and all the disorders of the body and new and fresh energy can be circulated in the body.

You can take the best detox diet at the beginning of the year in order to eat better, purify your body with healthy and light foods. The word detox does not cover any scientific proof of purification of the body thanks to specific remedies.

Nutritionists prefer to talk about a detox resting diet or diet. A detoxifying diet, therefore, focuses on an optimal intake of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins and reduces the intake of trans fats and carbohydrates.

Especially after the holidays which have their share of excess, your body needs to be rested. It’s high time to take care of yourself with a gentle detox, based on vegetable juices, superfruits, tea, and other broths.

The ultimate goal of a food cleansing body detox is not necessarily to lose weight but rather to find a healthy diet that allows you to find your flat stomach or at least to feel better in your body.

What Foods Are Included In The Detox Meal Plan?

5 Day Detox

To keep the back healthy, it is very important to remove the toxins. You should include such foods in the diet so that your body detoxifies naturally and helps in cleaning the blood. So, see below the foods you should include in your detox diet.


Artichoke promotes the secretion of bile by the gallbladder and its evacuation towards the intestine. Also rich in potassium, it is a good diuretic.


Crucifers (green, red cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.): they provide vitamin C, a soluble fiber with an appetite suppressant effect, and chromium which regulates blood sugar levels. Their sulfur compounds help the digestive system to resurface after excesses. Namely: red cabbage is one of the richest cabbage in micronutrients.


Prunes contain tartaric acid (a natural laxative), powerful antioxidants that detoxify, and a component that helps the intestine contract. This way, you eliminate waste faster.


Gluten-free, contains healthy fats buckwheat is easily digested and its low glycemic index prevents the storage of its carbohydrates in the form of abdominal fat.


Rich in vegetable proteins, tofu can replace meat during the detox cure. It satiates quickly, improves digestion, and helps the body excrete its toxins.


It provides abundant vitamin C. However, it is a powerful antioxidant capable of capturing free radicals and toxins and carrying them out of the body.

It also provides antioxidant limonoids and carotenoids.

Black Radish

Black radish promotes the secretion and elimination of bile salts. It is also an interesting diuretic.


Garlic contains allicin, which neutralizes toxins and maintains the normal state of white blood cells. And garlic cleanses the organs of the respiratory system and promotes blood renewal.

In addition, this product allows you to remove nicotine from the body. Therefore, it should be included in the menu for all people who are trying to quit smoking.

Garlic is a source of vitamins, minerals, acids, phytosterols, phytoncides, and nitrogenous and sulfurous substances. It contains glutathione.

Due to its influence, the liver absorbs harmful substances, destroys them, and removes them from the body along with bile acids.


Lemon is part of the superfood category. Not only is it a vitamin C concentrate, but it is also a mine of antioxidants!

It protects the immune system and eliminates toxins in the body by stimulating enzymes and therefore the liver. You can drink lemon juice with water every morning to enjoy its benefits.


It is a vegetable that can be found almost all year round on market stalls. And that’s good since carrots are a concentrate of fiber and vitamins B, A, and E.

It strengthens the cardiovascular system, helps improve eyesight, and fights age. It also has diuretic properties. This is an asset for the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.


Watermelon is the star of summer. Very low in calories, it contains more than 90% water. And we know how important water is for our health.

However, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. And above all, it helps prevent diseases affecting the urinary tract.


Blueberries are an asset for health, so many are their benefits. These are powerful antioxidants that protect your body.

They are naturally high in fiber and sweet. But above all, blueberries contain little sodium, phosphorus, and potassium. And that is very good for your kidneys.


Apples are a source of nutrients. Their consumption of food allows you to enrich the body not only with dietary fiber but also with vitamins and minerals.

Apples contain phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

They contain calcium D-gluconate, flavonoids, and terpenoids, as well as phytochemicals.

Phlorizin is a flavonoid found in apples. It stimulates the production of bile, and also allows you to remove toxins accumulated in it from the body.


Cabbage contains many antioxidant compounds and anticancer and helps the liver break down excess hormones.

Also, this vegetable cleanses the digestive tract and prevents the accumulation of harmful substances contained in cigarette smoke. It also enhances the liver’s ability to remove toxins.


Beet energizes your body and allows you to lower blood pressure. The vegetable fights cancer, reduces joint pain, and helps to reduce excess weight.


Coriander seeds improve the functioning of the kidneys. It acts as a diuretic and helps eliminate toxins from the body.


The unsweetened, flavonoid-rich cranberry has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent food against urinary tract infections. The latter, if they are recurrent and chronic, can damage the kidneys in the long term.


This category includes sorrel, spinach, parsley, and dill. All of them accelerate the circulation of fluids, relieve swelling, and eliminate slagging.

The introduction of these plants into the diet stimulates digestion, and the endocrine system reduces the risk of chronic diseases and accelerates the process of losing weight. Leafy crops are the best detox foods for salads and smoothies.


Onion cleanses the intestines well and allows toxins to quickly exit through the skin. An onion is an excellent antiseptic. It destroys bacterial, fungal, and viral flora. This vegetable enhances the contractility of the intestines and improves digestive processes.

Regular consumption of onions in food makes it possible to stabilize blood pressure and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.


Among the organic fruits, the pineapple is an exception. Indeed, unlike bananas, kiwis, or oranges, pineapple is low in potassium.

This makes the kidneys work less! If you have kidney problems, do not hesitate to eat them.

Not only is it delicious, but this fruit is also rich in fiber, manganese, and vitamin C. The small peculiarity of pineapple: the bromelain found in large quantities in this fruit. The good news is that it is an enzyme that reduces inflammation.


This is an excellent vegetable for the kidneys and the liver. Leek is known for its purifying and diuretic properties.

This is what makes it an essential food to prevent urinary tract infections. Natural medicine is also known to eliminate uric acid, which relieves the kidneys. It is also rich in mineral salts. Do not hesitate to put it in your soups or your vegetable pies!


It contains 93% water and 202 mg of potassium per 100 g. It also provides asparagine, a molecule that stimulates the proper functioning of the kidneys. All for just over 23 calories per 100g.


It is practically only water since it contains 96%! It also provides 157 mg of potassium per 100 g, as well as silicon and sulfur, two substances that stimulate the kidneys. Another advantage: it is very low in calories: only 13 per 100 g.


It contains nearly 95% water, 262 mg of potassium per 100 g, and 16 calories.


With nearly 92% water, 504 mg of potassium, and 52 mg of magnesium per 100 g for 28 calories, spinach is a good diuretic food.

Green Beans

They contain just over 90% water and 224 mg of potassium and practically no sodium (3.8 mg).

What Foods Are Not Included In The Detox Meal Plan?

The non-exit of toxic elements from the body for a long time affects our nervous system, immunity, and endocrine glands.

A detox diet helps in reducing the effects of these toxic elements on the body. Here see below some unhealthy foods that you should exclude from your detox diet.


Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine at least a week in advance. If you drink two cups of coffee every day, then drink one cup of coffee one day and no coffee the next.

Due to this, symptoms like headache, nausea, and tiredness will not be seen. Diabetics and heart patients should first consult a doctor.

Gluten-rich Cereals

Oats, rye, wheat, wheat bread, pasta, etc.

Dairy Products

Milk, yogurt, cheese, butter.


Sweets, chocolate, jam.

Processed Foods

Packaged foods, frozen foods, chips.

Refined Products

White rice, white bread, biscuits, cakes, and pastries.


Alcohol, coffee, black tea, soft drinks, canned juices, and even caffeinated herbal teas.

Apart from these, avoid taking things like excess salt, commercial sauces, artificial colors, flavors, etc.

5 Day Detox Meal Plan

Toxins also come out through steam baths and massages. Make healthy choices. For example, if you feel like drinking coffee, then drink green tea, it cleanses the liver.

If you want to eat something rich in carbohydrates, then drink cinnamon tea. For a light meal as a snack, eat roasted sweet potato or banana chips mixed with olive oil.

See below the 5 days detox meal plan…

Day 1

Early Morning

  • Lemon juice in the morning with lukewarm water


Oats with almond milk + 1 kiwi + A handful of walnuts, almonds, and goji + A cup of unflavoured green tea


  • Green salad + Grilled fish + A cup of berries + Infused water



  • Broth of green vegetables + A few sticks of raw vegetables to chew on (carrots, beetroot, black radish, etc.) + Kiwi juice with 1 tbsp of chia seeds.

Day 2 Meal Plan

Early Morning


  • Brown rice with steamed zucchini and carrots + A green apple + A cup of herb tea without sugar.


  • Vegetable Broth + Salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil + Carrot juice.


  • 1 Apple


  • Oatmeal with roasted vegetables + Green smoothie

Day 3

Early Morning

  • A glass of cucumber and ginger-infused water.


  • 2 Whole grains bread + 2 Hard boiled egg whites + A glass of orange juice.


  • For lunch, you can eat 200 g of boiled lean chicken with grilled cherry tomatoes + Coconut water.


  • A cup of berries


  • Oatmeal cooked in filtered water, without added salt or sugar with pumpkin seeds.

Day 4 Meal Plan

Early Morning

  • Water lemon water.


  • Fruit salad with sunflower seeds + 6 Almonds + Coconut water


  • Quinoa with vegetables + 1 Apple + Green juice


  • Half of grapefruit


  • Chicken broth + 1 Whole grain bread

Day 5 Detox Meal Plan

Early Morning


  • 2 Whole grain bread + Scrambled eggs + A cup of unsweetened coffee.


  • Salad of one medium-sized grated carrot use lemon juice as a dressing + Infused water


  • 1 medium-sized apple + A glass of lemon-infused water


  • Baked potato + 2 hard-boiled eggs.


Detox diet is a medical procedure and, like any other medical manipulation, it has contraindications.

In the presence of a number of diseases, the use of this system should be abandoned so as not to cause serious harm to day detox the body.

So, this diet option is not suitable for women during critical days, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

It is also worth abstaining from it for people suffering from any diseases of the large or small intestine (colitis, dysbacteriosis, etc.), hypertension, and diabetes. Postpone bowel cleansing with diet if you are under stress, have a cold, or are taking any medication.