Ways To Do Body Cleansing With Food

A cleansing diet involves a temporary rejection of junk food, and not only in the traditional sense. The best cleanse diet for losing weight does not include sweets, fast food, alcohol, fatty, fried, spicy, or smoked foods.

During a cleansing with food diet, it is worth giving up on salt intake, baked goods, salt, sugar, meat, and fat-rich foods, even if they are considered overall health benefits. So, here in this article let’s know how to cleanse the body with the help of food.


What Is Body Cleansing Diet?

The cleansing diet differs from other detox diets in that it pays special attention to the work of all the excretory systems of our body – the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, and skin.

In other words, detox promotes more efficient functioning of your body organs, responsible for natural cleansing.

Basically, the cleansing diet menu contains fiber (vegetables, fruits, cereals). Insoluble fiber moves food along the digestive tract (gastrointestinal tract) and facilitates the work of the digestive system. Soluble fiber makes you feel full longer.

It is important to remember that this diet is temporary. The diet does not provide enough protein (meat, dairy products), or carbohydrates.

This is an experiment on the body, and it is not recommended for people with digestive disorders.

Tips To Cleanse Body

cleansing with foodA cleansing diet is a diet and a set of rules that help cleanse the body of harmful compounds that accumulate in the body on a daily basis. Usually, the body copes with cleansing, but sometimes it needs help.

To speed up the removal of toxins, you need to reduce their intake and add organic products to the diet that contribute to deep cleansing and healing of the intestines. This is natural plant food. See below the tips to cleanse your body.

(1) Drink a glass of water with lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach, and at night before going to bed.

(2) Have more cereals and vegetables in your meal plan.

(3) Even distribution of food throughout the day, eating at approximately the same time.

(4) Cook dishes without salt (or a minimum of it, preferring sea salt).

(5) A visit to the bathhouse, massage, walking, yoga, and simple exercises will enhance the effect.

(6) Eliminate stress and get a good rest. Staying on a diet is better to coincide with the holidays.

(7) Increase your sleep time.

(8) Drinking enough water (2 liters).

(9) Minimize salt, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. All products that irritate the mucous membrane and increase appetite should be excluded in a timely manner in order to avoid its irrational increase.

In addition, the above components impede metabolism. However, it should be remembered that with excessive consumption of water, salt is also intensively excreted from the body.

The sodium contained in its composition is the most important ion in the body, responsible for both the transmission of nerve signals and the work of the body at the cell level. Observe moderation in fluid intake so as not to lead yourself to negative clinical conditions.

(10) Do not forget about the correct withdrawal from the detox mode. This point is similar to the first, but many people ignore it, trying to finally get out of the unusual diet plan and return to the standard one.

Without a rational and gradual transition, a cleansing diet will give minimal results, and the body will begin to accumulate excess substances in an enhanced mode – just to compensate for the lack of calories.

Top And Best Foods For Body Cleansing

cleansing with foodA detox nutrition program will not rid you of toxins, since cleansing of non-existent toxins is a deliberately pointless exercise.

But a cleansing diet helps create a calorie deficit while providing the body with vitamins and minerals. As a result, a person does not suffer from a lack of nutrients, does not lose working capacity, and feels good.

To enhance the effect, such a diet is combined with additional procedures: lymphatic drainage massage, sauna visits, physical activity, and body wraps. So, see below some foods that help to cleanse your body.

Drink Enough Water

cleansing with foodCleansing the body is impossible without the regular intake of a sufficient amount of water. If it is not enough, then all metabolic processes will slow down and any diet will be a waste of time.

The kidneys are one of the main organs that are responsible for the elimination of toxins. But in order for them to fully cope with their task, a person must consume a sufficient amount of liquid.

Remember that during infectious diseases, doctors recommend drinking as much water and herbal teas as possible?

This is necessary due to the fact that the products of active reproduction and the activity of bacteria poison our bodies, and we need to remove them as soon as possible.

For a healthy person, this is also true – the body is constantly working, so it needs water to cleanse itself in time.

Don’t overdo your water intake, but drink enough throughout the day. In addition to maintaining metabolic processes and cleansing the body, water is need to produce a sufficient amount of joint lubrication.

This is especially true for those who run or do other physical activities. You can also drink water mixed with Apple cider vinegar.

Leafy Greens Vegetables

cleansing with foodGreens contain the green pigment chlorophyll, one of the few compounds that bind to heavy metals and remove them from the body. Vegetables are the first allies of the detox diet. They provide many essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition, they are rich in polyphenols, essential antioxidants to fight against toxins. Some even have a real detox reputation: artichoke and black radish are particularly known to drain the liver.

Purists of the detox diet will say that they should also be chosen organic to avoid pesticides and other phytosanitary products.


cleansing with foodAsparagus contains a unique set of amino acids and vitamins that help the liver detox the body.

The asparagus is high in chlorophyll, but that’s no reason to steer clear of purple asparagus they contain purple pigment, which is a powerful antioxidant.


cleansing with foodFiber, phosphorus, copper, and vitamins C, B2, and B5 – all this is rich in beets. In addition, its composition contains betaine – a substance that contributes, firstly, to the normalization of the liver, and secondly, to the cleansing of the body.

Another plus: beets do not lose their useful qualities even when cooked, so it is not at all necessary to eat them in their natural form.

Moreover, A small amount of beet juice can significantly lower high blood pressure and, as a result, save you from all the unpleasant consequences of hypertension.


cleansing with foodCalcium, potassium, fiber, and vitamins A, C, P, and B1 and B6 contained in white cabbage leaves make white cabbage indispensable in cleansing the body.

In addition, cabbage contains a rare vitamin U, also known as methionine, which is necessary for the synthesis of other vitamins and helps to eliminate toxins and heal ulcers. An essential part of a detox basket!


cleansing with foodIt has long been known that garlic is an excellent fighter against viruses, intestinal parasites, and generally harmful bacteria living in the blood and intestines.

It also promotes arterial cleansing, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties that help flush out harmful toxins.

Garlic helps clear the airways by removing mucus from the lungs and sinuses. Choose only fresh garlic, not products like garlic powder.


cleansing with foodIt favors the expulsion of uric acid and other metabolic waste. It is recommend to drink lemon juice, and add it to warm water, such lemonade is a kind of tonic for the liver and heart. This juice cleanse also helps to lose weight.

In addition, it prevents the formation of kidney stones, which are alkaline in nature. A large amount of vitamin C helps to cleanse the vascular system and keep away heart disease.


cleansing with foodAvocado lowers cholesterol levels in blood vessels while preventing the accumulation of arterial-damaging toxins.

Avocados contain glutathione, a nutrient that prevents the accumulation of at least 30 different carcinogens and helps the liver eliminate toxins.


cleansing with foodEssential for detoxification. It helps purify the blood, prevents the deposition of uric acid in the joints, and stimulates the thyroid gland and pituitary gland.

Celery also acts as a mild diuretic, helps rejuvenate the kidneys, making it easier for bladder to function.


applesApple works excellent as a detox food, and apple juice help to cope with the effects of the vital activity of viruses when we catch an infection, such as the flu.

In addition, apples are one of the best cleansers to help get rid of intestinal parasites, and some skin diseases, help treat inflammation of the bladder and prevent liver problems.

Because apples are rich in pectin, a type of fiber that binds to cholesterol and toxins in the body, they help eliminate the buildup of heavy metals and cleanse the intestines.


CucumbersCucumbers are one of the best detox foods. They are most in demand for both salads and vegetable smoothies. The reason is that the vegetable has a high content of water and fiber.

There is iodine, folic acid, and a number of vitamins. They are able to neutralize and remove from the body most of the harmful acids and compounds that provoke the formation of stones, exacerbation of gout, and metabolic disorders.

With the regular inclusion of fresh cucumbers on the menu, the work of the circulatory system and the thyroid gland is activated, the amount of cholesterol is normalized, and fluid stagnation in the body is eliminated due to the powerful diuretic effect of the product.

Pumpkin and Melon

Pumpkin and MelonGourds also contain a lot of water and fiber. This combination already indicates their value in detox programs.

They also fit perfectly into any fat-burning diet, so you can hit 2 targets with one blow, eliminating intoxication and bringing your silhouette closer to the ideal.

The melon pulp is able to gently soften and remove fecal stones, gradually freeing the intestines from waste deposits, and eliminating the most dangerous source of accumulation of toxins.

The greatest value lies in the raw product, so you can find some attractive recipes for vitamin salads or add gourds to cocktails, as they go well with vegetables, fruits, and citrus fruits.


SeaweedNori and kelp are natural sources of iodine, fiber, and other valuable substances. They are called natural brushes, which gently clean blockages from the small and large intestines, restore the functioning of the digestive tract, and provide a favorable environment for the development of beneficial bacteria.

They are able to bind and remove mercury, phthalates, insecticides, and plasticizers from the body.


GrapefruitGrapefruit contains beneficial pectin fibers that fight the accumulation of cholesterol and purify the blood in your body.

Pectin also binds to heavy metals and aids in their elimination. Grapefruit has antiviral properties. Eat grapefruit and your intestines and liver will thank you.



If honey remains a sugar that should be consumed in moderation, it has the advantage of regenerating cells and healing both external and internal wounds.

Honey has a profound detox effect on the liver. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, it improves the retention of calcium and magnesium.


Watercress is a source of vitamin C and E, as well as beta-carotene and minerals. It is good for the liver and kidneys.



Ginger is known for its anti-cold properties. It stimulates perspiration so that toxins leave the body through the pores of the skin.

Ginger speeds up metabolic processes, improves liver function, and cleanses the body. When following the best detox diet plans, experts recommend chewing ginger root. It can improve the taste of hot water.

Ginger is useful for people on a detox diet to treat the liver from fatty liver. This problem can be cause by excessive consumption of harmful foods and alcoholic beverages.



Artichoke stimulates the production of bile in the body. It is a source of dietary fiber and antioxidants.

By increasing the amount of bile, food has digested faster, which allows the body to get the maximum benefit from it.

Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea is considered beneficial for the body in many ways. It can flush out the accumulated fat and toxins in the body and also protects the liver from their harmful effects.

According to a study, people who regularly drink green tea have a significantly lower risk of developing liver cancer.


TurmericTurmeric is also considered one of the best foods to keep the liver clean. It helps in detoxifying the liver and also improves the body’s ability to digest fats.

For this, mix 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder in a glass of water and boil it and drink it. This can be beneficial.

Worst Foods For Body Cleansing

Worst Foods For Body CleansingTo achieve good results, the following products must be excluded from the menu:

  • Carbonated drinks, fried and fatty foods.

  • Vegetable oil in large quantities. At most, they can fill a light salad.

  • Coffee and strong black tea. These drinks should be replace with herbal infusions, natural fruit drinks, and green tea without sugar.

  • Baking, any confectionery, sweets, and processed foods. You can learn more about the dangers of sugar in this article.

  • Ketchup, mayonnaises, and other ready-made sauces.

  • Fast food (forget about burgers and fries for a while).

  • Chips, crackers, snacks.

  • Alcohol and canned foods.


In order to qualitatively cleanse the body, there is no need to take medications or special supplements.

This can be done with the help of these food products that are at hand for every person.