Body Detoxification – Best Cleanses For Detox

The detox diet is suitable for adults who do not have chronic diseases. A detox diet cannot be viewed as a universal way to lose weight.

The action of the diet is also aimed at improving overall well-being, and getting rid of constant fatigue, and weakness.

In addition, it is advisable to resort to drawing up a special program for those who wish to improve the condition of the skin and hair without exhausting themselves with strict restrictions. So, here in this article let’s know more about body detoxification best cleanses for detox.


What Is Body Detoxification?

What Is Body Detoxification?

Body detoxification is a way to remove toxins from your body by adopting detox cleanses. Detox cleanse is a special diet that allows you to remove all toxins from the body. This can also help to detoxify the body for  a drug test.

It is aimed at improving overall well-being, and weight loss is a secondary goal. However, a nice bonus is a decrease in the amount of body fat, and weight loss. On average, a person on a detox cleanse loses 1 kg per day.

The properties of removing toxins and toxic substances are possessed by various products of plant origin. But this does not mean that you need to completely abandon meat and fish, sweets, and other tasty things.

You just need to change priorities a little, for example, replacing sugar with honey. The main task, in this case, is not to lose weight quickly and at a health risk, but to cleanse the body of substances that prevent it from functioning optimally.

So, let’s know about foods that you need to include and exclude in your healthy diet.

Foods To Include In Body Detoxification

Foods To Include In Body Detoxification

Most cleansing detox programs are based on fruits, clean water, vegetables, and legumes. The list of detox cleanse products is quite extensive. Consuming these foods can help bodies naturally detox. These are…


All of our tissues and cells need water in order to function well. Even our mental health depends on the amount of water we drink. When the body is dehydrated, it negatively affects all bodily functions.

Modern man has lost the habit of drinking clean water, replacing it with coffee, tea, and sweet soda.


Its anti-inflammatory properties have long been known. Vegetable juices are used as a remedy for stomach ulcers. And lactic acid. Which contains cabbage, and helps to maintain the health of the colon.

In addition, like other cruciferous vegetables, cabbage contains sulforaphane, a substance that helps the body fight toxins and also improves liver and kidney function.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, which prevents cells from oxidizing. Eating tomatoes allows you to quickly break down fats and digest them and also stimulates the secretion of bile.

Tomatoes are eaten for the prevention of heart and vascular diseases and the formation of cancerous tumors. They help improve visual acuity and strengthen dental and bone tissue.


Just one grapefruit will give you more than you need to meet half of your daily vitamin C requirement. Grapefruit’s pink hue is due to the Phytonutrient, lycopene, which is a powerful weapon against free radicals.

Grapefruit contains dietary fiber, and pectin, and may help lower cholesterol levels. A few slices of grapefruit are a must for a super salad healthy diet.


Garlic contains allicin, which helps to eliminate toxins and promotes the normal condition of white blood cells.

Also, garlic cleans the respiratory system and helps purify and cleanse the blood. A lesser-known property is that it helps eliminate nicotine from the body, and can be a great addition to your diet when you quit smoking.


It is considered a powerful natural hepatoprotection. Beetroot juice is used to gently and deeply cleanse the liver, taking according to the scheme, the first portions must be diluted with water, then the concentration is increased.

In addition to removing toxins, and metabolites, the root crop saturates the body with useful trace elements necessary to restore damaged organ tissues and stabilize functionality.

A pronounced diuretic effect ensures the elimination of excess fluid and the rapid excretion of harmful elements along with urine. Express cleansing is carried out within 1 day, the next morning you feel lightness, a surge of energy, and strength.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea detox can speed up metabolism that stimulates the intestines, and removes toxins while protecting cells from damage by free radicals. It also improves the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and fights premature aging.


Celery cleanses the blood well, prevents uric acid from accumulating in the articular elements, and enhances the functioning of the pituitary and thyroid glands. And celery has a mild diuretic effect, relieving stress from the kidneys and bladder.

This product has a minimum calorie content but contains a lot of dietary fiber. Therefore, its use in food allows you to stimulate the digestive system. The body, thanks to celery, will be saturated with useful elements.


body detoxification - best cleanses for detox

Particular attention should be paid to raspberries, strawberries, currants, and blueberries.

They have similar properties, are a valuable source of vitamins, have a diuretic effect, and stimulate the elimination of toxins through the activation of the excretory system.


It is an excellent source of vitamins and phytonutrients. In a number of sanatoriums, grape treatment is carried out.

Ampelotherapy is prescribed for problems with the intestines, malfunctions of the endocrine and nervous systems, weakened heart muscle, and poor condition of blood vessels. In fact, this is a comprehensive cleaning with one product.

It can be carried out at home, following the basic principles of the process. The cleansing method is based on a high glucose content and a laxative effect, combined with a high energy value of the product. Not recommended for diabetes.


Lemon, grapefruit, and orange have a tonic property, cheer up, and provide a burst of energy.

These detox products are indispensable for cleansing the body, as they perfectly combine with most other ingredients in the preparation of vitamin cocktails, enhance immunity and stimulate peristalsis, thereby speeding up the process of cleansing toxins and harmful substances like mercury.


Increasing appetite, improving digestion – in all this, onions have no equal. In addition, it also has a powerful antibacterial effect – the phytoncides contained in it are capable of destroying most of the bacteria and fungi that have settled in our body in a matter of seconds.


Any guide to healthy food could hardly do without them – and will not do in the future: thanks to the fiber and pectin contained in apples, a natural thickener, apples perfectly stabilize the digestive tract.

Foods To Avoid In Body Detoxification

body detoxification - best cleanses for detox

Putting detox on a daily basis will allow the body to eliminate overflows and take a real break.

Putting your body into detox is not going on a diet, it’s gradually putting in place new habits more suited to the functioning of your body. See below the foods to avoid in body detoxification programs.

Fatty Meats

Diet food is not as “boring” as you think. The low-calorie menu will include many foods that you have eaten before, including meat. It is a source of protein needed by the body! And to lose weight, it is not necessary to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Salty Food

A large amount of salt consumed retains fluid in the body, which definitely does not contribute to weight loss.

Most people reduce salt intake in their body for health reasons like high BP. But you can’t completely exclude salt from the diet! Continue to add salt to dishes, but only in smaller quantities. Refuse smoked meat products, sausages, and sausages – they have a lot of salt (besides, they are high in calories).

Bakery Products

Bakery products made from premium flour and weight loss are incompatible things! Butter buns, donuts, pies, white bread – all of this is delicious but very high in calories.

The composition of bakery products, as a rule, contains wheat flour, yeast, and sugar – the enemies of any diet.


100 g of butter contains more than 700 kcal. High-calorie product. And if you also spread butter on a piece of white bread, you can forget about the diet.

Natural butter is useful – it contains vitamin e and fatty acids necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

But this is only if the product is made from “real” milk, and not from vegetable fats and reconstituted milk powder, as some manufacturers do! And no matter how useful natural butter is, control the amount of its consumption – it does not matter if you are on a diet or not.

Reduce the amount of butter in your daily diet to 20-25 g. And it is advisable to eat this “portion” in the morning.

Full Fat Cheese

The problem with this dairy product is that it is very easy to go overboard with it. The recommended serving of 30 grams is about the size of a thumb, and most people eat much more in one meal.

If your goal is to lose weight, then it is better to buy individually packaged low-fat cheese sticks.

Salad Dressings

So, you have decided to eat a healthy and healthy salad. This does not mean that you can fill it with high-calorie fatty sauce and think that everything is in order. Use olive oil and vinegar wherever possible, and if not, opt for a low-calorie sauce.

Artificial Sweeteners

In the last ten years, a fashionable trend has been gaining momentum – to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners.

However, studies have shown that these artificial substitutes do nothing to help you lose weight. On the contrary, they contribute to the set of extra pounds. Avoid them and you will probably say goodbye to excess fat.


Even low-calorie alcoholic drinks can contribute to body weight gain if you party all night long or have a party every weekend.

Alcohol not only contains extra calories, it negatively affects decision making, forcing you to choose fatty and fried foods over salad every time.

Canned Fruits

Another product that only seems to be useful is canned fruit. Most of these processed foods contain a monstrous amount of sugar, and the harm from them outweighs the health benefits. If you absolutely cannot do without them, then buy fruits canned in “light” syrup.

Frozen Dinners

If you’re short on time, frozen dinners and frozen pizza are choices as tempting as canned soup. The problem is that a lot of salt is added there to increase the shelf life.

Salt makes you eat more, and the body retains a lot of water to dissolve the excess. Neither one nor the other contributes to weight loss in any way, so it is best to completely abandon these convenient products.

Salted Nuts

Nuts are a good source of protein, but salted nuts can be your biggest enemy. You reach into the bag, again and again, to get a handful of nuts and completely imperceptibly exceed your daily calorie intake.

Eating unsalted nuts should also be used with caution, although they are healthier for the body. In addition, they do not contain sodium, so you most likely will not want to eat them “on the machine.”

Fruit Juice

This drink seems to be healthy as it contains the word “fruit” in the name. In fact, fruit juice should be called “flavored sweetened water”.

Most juices contain so many sweeteners that it negates any purported benefit. If you want to enjoy the taste of fruits, then it is better to take a real freshly picked fruit.

Health Benefits Of Body Detoxification Diet

The cleansing diet is as effective as frequent bowel movements. At the same time, its action is more gentle. This way of dealing with toxins has several advantages:

Weight Loss

Body detox stimulate metabolism and accelerate weight loss, increasing vigor and energy. Allows you to stay energized throughout the day.

Some fruits, such as grapefruit, contain special enzymes that help the body process carbohydrates better, thereby boosting metabolism and promoting weight loss.

Improve Skin Condition

Body detox juice cleanse toxins from the body and reduce inflammation. Cleansing heals the skin and improves its color.

When the skin is clogged with toxins and chemicals, it leads to wrinkles, dryness, and other signs of aging.

Increase Energy

The ingredients in any detox drink will work systemically to reduce inflammation, and liver cleanses, and increase overall energy levels naturally. Without an overload of toxins, you will feel lighter and fresher without fatigue, mood swings, and brain fog.

Ingredients such as lemon, rosemary, and mint will rejuvenate the body and help improve mental performance.

Eliminating Toxins From The Body

Air emissions, pesticides, and chemicals enter the body and are deposited there. It affects the functioning of the immune system, our mood, metabolism, and our ability to fight liver disease. Be sure that you remove toxic substances and heavy metals in your body as best as you can.

Very often, the symptoms of malaise in people, without a clear diagnosis from doctors, can also be associated with general intoxication of the body.


If you follow the rules of the diet and exclude all contraindications before it starts, it is harmless to the body.

All of these nutritional benefits make colon cleanses diets popular. However, it is worth remembering that their effectiveness can only be guaranteed if the rules are strictly observed.


There are many opinions on how a detox should work and what is the best program.

Good detox diets should include complete food set of all the necessary macro and micro elements that the body needs and at the same time be as simple as possible for the body.