Detox Tea Benefits And Myth

Everyone probably knows that it is right to start the morning not with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, but with a glass of warm water and preferably with a slice of lemon.

Drinking detox tea gives the same effect: it cleanses the body of toxins, awakens the body from sleep, and starts natural processes. Yes, and it will be a great drink for a cool autumn morning.

Detox tea should be consumed on an empty stomach, before breakfast. Thus, it will act correctly. It is best to brew such tea immediately before drinking it, and not in the evening.

And after you drink a cup of hot cleansing tea – wait for a little with breakfast, let the body wake up, and start all the processes of your healthy diet for the day. It will take you about 15 minutes to do this.

The detox tea is certainly different from regular teas and it offers several benefits such as helping in normal digestion, relieving menstrual cramps by reducing associated abdominal pain & abdominal discomfort, treating constipation, reducing effects of irritable bowel syndrome, and promoting regular bowel movements, stopping painful spasms, reduce effects of motion sickness, etc.

However, there are also a few myths regarding detox tea.

So, today, we are going to discuss both purported benefits and myths about detox tea in this article below. Let’s have a look…


What’s Detox Tea?

detox tea benefitDetox teas are also teas that have various powerful herbs and harmless mixes that help the detoxification and more specifically, the liver.

Such ingredients are praised as effective therapies for bloating, weight loss, stop painful spasms in smooth muscles, etc. by cleansing your body and boosting detoxification. Detox teas vary in their effect on the body or weight loss, but most manufacturers promise you the following benefits:

  • Reduction of bloating
  • Improved metabolism
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Reduce effects of electrolyte imbalance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Body cleansing

These drinks often contain extracts from plants (such as the camellia Sinensis plant) known for their laxative ingredients that get combined with dandelion root to stimulate the cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract.

But there is no guarantee that such tea is safe, will work perfectly, and will not lead to adverse effects, no! Moreover, the weight that “reduces” along with the liquid soon returns once you get back to your regular solid food diet plan.

Scientists increasingly agree that the human body can perfectly cleanse itself. Therefore, before drinking detox drinks, consider the following facts.

Detox tea leaves contain different ingredients like:

  • Ginger root powder
  • Bitter melon fruit extract
  • Hibiscus flower powder
  • Cumin seed powder, etc.

Other types of detox teas contain diuretics like:

  • Eucalyptus leaf extract
  • Stinging nettle powder
  • Parsley powder, etc.

Similarly, this beverage also contains laxatives such as:

  • Cascara bark powder
  • Fennel seed extract
  • Rhubarb root powder

It helps remove toxins and harmful compounds from your body. A few detox tea brands sell tea bags that contain natural food dyes and often too much caffeine. So, please check the level of the packaging before you buy one.

What Does The Detox Tea Claim To Do?

detox tea benefit

Some of the most commonly-believed health benefits of drinking detox tea are that detox tea can assist you to lose weight, improve your digestive system, and enhance well-being by allowing eliminate toxins as well as harmful compounds from your body.

However, detox teas may contain senna leaves that promise dramatic weight loss usually. Senna leaf is a Russian and European-approved herbal laxative ingredient used medically to treat constipation and cleanse the colon before a colonoscopy. Doctors do not recommend drinking senna and preparations containing it for more than two weeks, even with medical indications.

And even more so, they are not advised to prescribe it to themselves to cleanse the body. Any laxative contributes to the removal from the body of substances and trace elements important for its vital functions, especially potassium, one of the key minerals.

A lack of potassium affects the work of the heart and blood vessels, brain activity, the work of the endocrine glands, and even the emotional state.

Types Of Detox Tea & Benefits Of Detox

Here are a few types of detox teas and detox tea benefits mentioned below…

Green Teas

Types Of Detox Tea & Benefits Of Detox

It’s loaded with several health benefits, Green detox teas contain antioxidants to flush out radicals from your body.

Moreover, the epigallocatechin present in green teas can aid in the cleansing weight loss process, boosts metabolism, and also help your body burn fat if followed with a balanced diet.

Earl Grey Teas

Earl Grey TeasIt’s black tea. This detox drink includes caffeine and L-theanine which boosts your energy levels. Similarly, Earl Grey Tea has vitamin C to boost your immune technique.

Oolong Teas

Oolong Teas

It can reduce lipids present in your liver. The EGCG and theaflavins in this tea aid to detoxify your body and decreasing weight.

This tea controls the metabolic building of fats and promotes weight loss.

Detox Tea Benefits

The best detox tea has numerous health benefits. They help to cleanse the body, eliminate toxins, prevent you from bloating, and boost your metabolism.

There are so many benefits of detox tea that are not possible for us to mention all. So, below, we have mentioned only the important ones in our article…

Supports Weight Loss

Consumption of detox teas such as oolong tea, green tea, etc. helps in losing weight quickly. These detox teas may contain antioxidants and also other beneficial properties that help you to promote weight loss. Regular consumption of detox teas in the morning (on an empty stomach) helps lose weight quickly.

However, detox teas alone can’t help you in losing your extra weight. For this, you will have to follow a balanced diet plan and do some exercise. Only then you can healthily lose weight.

Relieve Oxidative Stress

Detox teas such as green tea is a widespread product that delivers caffeine (although less than coffee) and a noteworthy amount of flavonoids. These are significant antioxidants that help you immensely to reduce your oxidative stress. For this, start your day with a cup of freshly made green tea detox in the morning.

Liver Detoxification

Milk thistle supports liver function and prevents liver damage in the long run. It contains strong anti-inflammatory flavonoids and antioxidants that can aid boost the natural ability of your liver to activate nutrients and remove toxins. Milk thistle’s antioxidants stop free radical damage to your body cells, which potentially enables protects it from producing diseases like cancer.

Releasing Harmful Pathogens

The human digestive system is home to several unwanted bugs like bacteria, yeast, and also viruses. Specific herbs can aid to destroy these because of their antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

These also help reduce digestive issues. Since Detox teas contain herbs they can help you release several harmful pathogens from your body and make it a healthy one for your healthy lifestyle.

Protects Cells Of The Body

Green tea extract fights oxidative damage as well as free radical damage. This drink may shield the enzymes’ activation that stops cell damage as well as neutralizes dangerous chemicals.

The cell damage prevention by green tea is truly effective, particularly when your body is suffering from stress or also environmental toxins.

Moreover, licorice can stop virus and bacteria activities while promoting white blood cell production. The white blood cells are accountable for protecting your body against diseases.

Licorice is truly a natural antioxidant and it is effective to prevent cell damage. Nonetheless, remember that licorice can also be toxic if you take it in high amounts regularly.

Eliminates Toxins From Your Body

Detox teas contain antioxidants. This is due to different herbs used in detox teas. These ingredients aid in controlling cytotoxicity and toxicity thus supplying you with a more beneficial inside.

When you drink oolong tea or green tea daily, it helps you neutralize harmful chemicals and eliminate them from your body. Thus, giving you a healthy body.

Improves Digestion

Regular consumption of detox teas helps improve your digestion. Moreover, it helps relieve issues like constipation. However, an overdose of a few herbs may cause severe diarrhea instead.

So, be careful how much you drink in a day. Try not to exceed the amount of over 2 cups a day. If you drink four to five cups of detox tea a day, it can show some opposing effects on your body instead.

Such drinks generally contain soluble fiber that is often utilized in stool softening items. So, these are indeed great for improving your digestion.

Reduce Digestive Tract Inflammation

Peppermint used in some detox teas helps to reduce inflammation. It is certainly a tummy soother and this can help you to relieve your stomach upset as well as indigestion.

Moreover, even cases of IBS can be handled with the consumption of such teas. It functions by soothing your smooth muscle tissue as well as reducing inflammation there.

Peppermint also can boost bile flow and this can bind onto toxins to eliminate them from your body. In case you undergo heartburn after having such teas, you should avoid it since it can aggravate symptoms in the long run.

Improves Mental Alertness

Well, although there is no direct connection between detox teas with your mental health, it helps to improve your mental health. You must be thinking how is that possible?

Let me explain, when you start your day with a freshly made cup of warm herbal tea that detoxifies your body, you get a great day ahead. Since you are blessed with an awesome day, it will keep your mind cool throughout the day.

Moreover, you will experience fewer mood swings all day, you can focus on your work, etc. and all of these ultimately affect your mind in a good way.

Strengthens Immune System Of The Human Body

As soon as you initiate taking herbal tea as well as herbs in a proportional blend, it boosts up the body’s detoxification and promotes the cleansing mechanism of your body.

This even helps the immune system to recover its strength to fight back various diseases that attack you if your immune power is weak.

Detox cleansing allows cells to work actively as well as makes them way more energetic than before. That’ll strengthen nearly every system and you’ll be in a healthier state than before.

Promote Elimination

This tea is another fashionable way to cleanse the body of toxins. The detox consists of herbs with different actions. Of course, the compositions of herbs for cleansing the body were known before.

This tea helps to cope with excess calories, helps to lose weight, removes toxins and slags, reduces appetite, speeds up metabolism, makes a person energetic, improves bowel movements, reduces digestive issues, etc.

And all of these are possible just because such teas help in promoting toxin elimination from our body.

Myths About Detox Teas

Advertising promises that you will cleanse your body of toxins and lose 10 kilograms in a month without diets and sports, but in fact, all this is a marketing ploy and a potential danger to your health.

Myth 1: It Detoxifies

Detoxification is a famous claim for multiple diets, nutrition products, and cleanses like detox tea.

To begin with, detox teas are usually drunk not to “heal up and cleanse the body clogged with toxins”, but to lose weight. Why detox as a wellness trend is a big scam? Well, your body does not need cleaning, it does a great job on its own. Then why use dietary supplements or any other supplements to do that?

Myth 2: Balance pH Level

Alkaline cleansing diet foods, as well as drinks, are a famous dietary movement right now. They are said to enable a further alkaline environment in your body. As per the acid-alkaline view of disease, it promotes more satisfactory health.

Nevertheless, this approach is not supported by research. It is impossible to change the pH level through the consumption of four or five cups of white tea or detox tea per day.

Myth 3: Improve Complexion

Now that’s a blatant lie. There is no scientific evidence proving such a claim. How can detox teas improve complexion? Although a few detox tea brands claim so but that is not the case. So, do not fall for such tricks.

Precautions To Take To Support Human Health

Detox teas may come with a diuretic impact, reducing retention of fluid but this may also cause electrolytes imbalance and severe diarrhea.

Laxative herbs present in detox teas can lead to digestive upset as well as caffeinated teas may disrupt your sleep patterns. Thus, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the detailed ingredients as well as to stay hydrated all the time!

Many detox teas include inorganic herbs, chemicals, pesticides, and also too much caffeine.

So, always go through the ingredients as well as choose brands that use only organic tea leaves and other ingredients to make detox teas.

Thus, you can make sure that the detox teas you are buying are contained medicinal herbs and organic ingredients to support human health as well as deliver many health benefits.


These are the main benefits and myths of drinking detox teas. These teas are absolutely helpful in removing toxins in the body and offer you with a more nutritious lifestyle.

However, most commercial cleansers are considered food supplements, not over-the-counter medications or dangerous drugs, meaning they are not controlled by government agencies.

The packaging claim that a product is critical to your well-being is just a marketing gimmick and has not been clinically proven. There is also no mention of possible interactions with any medications you may be taking.