Ultimate Reset Meal Plan & How To Cleanse The Body Gently

The internal cleanliness of the body is seen as associated with fitness.

For this many people adopt an ultimate reset diet plan and it is believed that it is also effective in reducing weight.

Although the body itself does the work of detox, by making a little change in the diet, you can definitely help it a little in detox.

So, here in this article let’s know about the ultimate reset meal plan.


What Is Ultimate Reset?

The ultimate reset diet is a 21 days diet plan. The purpose of an ultimate reset diet is to remove the harmful substances present in the body by making changes in the food for some time.

When this happens, you feel refreshed, and adopting it for a long time can also help in reducing weight.

The Beachbody ultimate reset diet is for 21 days, during which it is recommended not to eat certain foods and drink internal cleansing drinks. Which is mostly based on fruit juice.

For this, drinking the required amount of water, and consuming fruits and juices are very beneficial. So, let’s know more about this below…

How The Ultimate Reset Works & How To Cleanse The Body Gently

This powerful ultimate reset pack includes unusual mixtures to detoxify and lose weight over the course of many weeks.

Others may view the term “toxin cleansing” as nothing more than a marketing gimmick without any supporting evidence.

In reality, a detox diet can be a useful tool for the body in resuming normal function and restoring the natural capability of the entire digestive system. Our body generally has a built-in system for getting rid of all pollutants.

Your lungs expel carbon dioxide, your intestines absorb nutrients from meals and eliminate waste, your skin sweats out bacteria, your kidneys filter tons of blood and send it into your urine, and your liver removes toxins from your body.

The synchronized mechanism, however, is susceptible to disruption from outside forces. For instance, insufficient exercise, stress, and a diet high in processed foods can all affect how the body’s detoxification mechanism functions.

3 Phases Of The Ultimate Reset

The 21 days ultimate reset program is made of 3 phases. These are…

Phase 1

To put less stress on your body, you can reduce the quantities consumed at each meal or have a really lighter meal, if possible in the evening, at least once or twice a week, then gradually every day. Digestion will therefore be smoother.

Starting your meal with raw vegetables or vegetable juice will allow better digestion and assimilation. This simple habit will help your body to be satiated and will promote less restrictive digestion.

To put your body at rest, you must try to follow 12 hours of fasting between the evening meal and the first in the morning. We install this new eating behavior every other day, then as regularly as possible during the week by knowing how to listen to our body.

The easiest way to not eat for 12 hours is to eat dinner and go to bed earlier.

It is essential to implement these changes over the long term. Once this new rhythm has been taken, you can try fasting for 16 hours between each meal. If the 16-hour fast causes you to eat more, go back to the 12-hour fast.

Phase 2

Once or twice a week, on weekends, for example, replace your meal with a nice plate of fruit. It may be composed of 80% fresh fruit, 20% dried fruit, or oilseeds. We favor seasonal, organic fruits to keep the skin that contains the nutrients.

If you do not feel full enough, start your meal with raw vegetables.

The recipe: 5% oilseeds, pine nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew, macadamia, pecan, one to three teaspoons of oilseed puree.

5% dried fruit: figs, prunes rehydrated overnight (more digestible and better tasting), apricots, dates, raisins…

5% fatty fruits: olives, avocado 80% juicy seasonal fruits preferably from the region (in winter heated over low heat). If untreated, eat them with the skin, otherwise clean in vinegar water or peel.

Seasoning: mint, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, grated coconut, honey, barley syrup, raspberry

Phase 3

Want a treat, no worries. We don’t fret and we don’t fuel our frustration by only thinking about that all day. But we eat it slowly with pleasure, in full awareness to better appreciate it and not to feel guilty.

The little extra detox: give it a special place and eat it outside of meals.

It is essential to share culinary and festive moments without feeling guilty and with pleasure.

After a slightly rich and gourmet meal, you put your body on a diet until the next day. We may be satisfied with a meal of vegetable broth but we leave our body at rest without forcing it to digest again.

How To Prepare For The Ultimate Reset?

There are many different menus for body cleansing diets, but they are based on general principles.

There are three important aspects that cannot be ignored. Otherwise, the transition to a new diet will not bring the desired result or harm your health.

Body Preparation

Before starting any program, you need to prepare. Two weeks before the 10th day of unloading, you need to switch to a proper, healthy diet.

A few days before the end of the preparation, consume only plant foods (cereals, vegetables, and herbs, as during fasting). Once every three days, low-fat fish or boiled meat is introduced, and you can have cheese.

It is also worth switching to fractional nutrition – little and often. After eight hours, eating is undesirable.

First, it is worth unloading only for 3 days. The preparatory period is shortened, so 1-2 days is enough. Exit from the diet is 2-3 days.

There are many options for a three-day detox meal. Here is one of them, in which the menu for three days is the same. Next will be another power option.

Do not drastically abandon foods that used to be an important part of the diet. It is better to gradually reduce the amount of sweet, fatty, simple carbohydrates and other types of food that you will have to give up until the end of the diet.

This can take from 2 to 7 days, but sometimes it is better to take your time and prepare the body more thoroughly. Then the diet will not become stressful for him, and it will be much easier to withstand it without disruption.

Cravings for sweets or fatty foods will gradually subside and feel better before the detox begins.

Smoking cessation is recommended for the duration of the diet, conflict situations should be avoided. The effectiveness of healing increases with any water procedures, sauna visits, massages and body wraps, lymphatic drainage procedures, and hydro colon therapy.

Eating Mode

ultimate reset meal plan

There are two most important points: eating by the hour and maintaining the correct ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Food should be taken 5-6 times a day, in small portions.

The less hard foods that are difficult to digest enter the body, the easier it will be to cleanse the intestines naturally. To simplify the calculation of certain trace elements in a serving, you can start keeping an electronic food diary.

Most of these applications allow you to calculate their number and stick to the following ratio: 25-35% proteins, 10-20% fats, and 40-50% carbohydrates.

With the help of a calorie calculator, you can also calculate the energy value of each serving, although this is not so important during a diet whose goal is to cleanse the body.

Drinking Regime

If the body does not receive enough ordinary drinking water without impurities, the metabolism will slow down, and the electrolyte balance will be disturbed.

During the diet, the feeling of thirst becomes less pronounced over time, so you need to carefully monitor the water balance in the body.

During the detox period, a healthy adult should drink 2-3 liters of non-carbonated water, depending on their body weight. This will speed up the cleansing process.

Eat Slowly

The more slowly we eat, the more we become aware of our diet and the more easily our body assimilates food. Eating slowly, therefore, promotes better digestion.

After each bite, you put your fork down. We wait to have swallowed to re-attack our plate.

To take your time and slow down the pace of the meal, we favor crunchy nutrients to stimulate chewing. We take the opportunity to “detoxify” our environment by turning off all screens.

Replace Meals With Juices

ultimate reset meal plan

To install a little more detox in your weekly routine, you can replace one of your meals with vegetable juice (50 cl). If this change suits you, multiply the experience during the week.

With an extractor, you can concoct your fruit and vegetable juice. In the trade, favor Lacto-fermented juices.

Eliminate Junk Food

To reduce the share of toxins consumed, we start by trusting only fresh products and dishes prepared by us.

Thus, we will avoid filling our cupboards and fridge with industrial foods and vegan meal plans.

Move And Sleep

To free ourselves, our body needs to move. If you haven’t yet found the physical activity that suits your needs, gently get your body moving with daily walking and a walk before each meal to get some oxygen and eliminate accumulated stress.

To go to the end of the detox process, you can go to bed earlier (which also facilitates the 12 or 16-hour fast), take a few minutes each day to relax, reduce stimulants such as coffee, and tea and disconnect from screens. Your body will thank you!

Ultimate Reset Meal Prep

ultimate reset meal plan

There is also an express version of the cleansing diet. It is designed for one day. The basis of the diet for the day will be the so-called bread tea.

To prepare it, cut 200 g of black bread, place the pieces of bread in a jar, and pour boiling water. The drink should be infused for 12 hours, after which it must be filtered.

Every day you should start with a glass of mineral water without gas drunk on an empty stomach. You can also use plain boiled water with lemon juice.

The First Day

The first day is complete unloading from solid food. Only clean water without gas, and herbal tea.

The Second Day

Against the background of drinking liquids and juices, fruits with coarse fiber are introduced. It can be plums, kiwi, apricots, peaches, apples, mango, as well as dried fruits (preferably prunes).

Do not use citrus fruits, which contain organic acids and Vitamin C in large quantities, which can irritate the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.

The Third Day

Liquid, juices, decoctions of herbs and fruits of the previous day are consumed during the day and fresh vegetables are added.

Vegetables and herbs can be used in the form of salads. Spinach, leafy greens, chopped red bell pepper, chopped green onions, leaf and root celery, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, and all types of chopped carrots will do.

The Fourth Day

Boiled vegetables of your choice, baked sweet potato and brown rice. Do not forget about the drinking regime.

The Fifth Day

Juices, fruits, vegetables (fresh and boiled), raw nuts toasted pumpkin seeds, baby carrots snack, seven sweet potatoes, lentil lime salad. The soup is vegetarian, there are no cereals in the diet.

The Sixth Day

ultimate reset meal plan

The use of cereals (buckwheat, brown rice, overnight oatmeal jars lunch), natural yogurt, kefir, fruits, and vegetables are allowed. Dairy products contribute to the restoration of intestinal microflora.

The Seventh Day

Food consisting of chopped and shredded vegetables (stewed or raw), porridge, and boiled or baked fish is introduced. It is best combined with vegetable salads or stewed vegetables.

The ultimate reset diet provides food strictly by the hour. After the seventh day, your body becomes prepared and now consumes the foods that you are preparing for these seven days.


Due to the low-calorie content, serious physical activity is contraindicated during this diet.

For those who have jobs that involve intellectual strain or stress, it’s best to run the ultimate reset marathon while on vacation.